Tuning some defaults for 2.5: lmtp_downcase_rcpt

André Schild andre at schild.ws
Fri Feb 11 08:52:28 EST 2011


Am 11.02.2011 14:11, schrieb Jeroen van Meeuwen (Kolab Systems):
> Hi there,
> (This is a re-posted message from our development mailing list.)
> In our IRC channel, it was suggested to look at RFC 2821, section 2.4, 
> quoted as saying:
> "However, exploiting the case sensitivity of mailbox local-parts 
> impedes interoperability and is discouraged."
> The problem statement is as follows: The recipient is USER at DOMAIN.DE, 
> and while the mailbox name is "user at domain.de", or even "user", the 
> mail bounced.
> Not completely aware of the full implications and/or codebase, I 
> wanted to put the topic on switching the default to be relaxed in the 
> case of case sensitivity out there for discussion.
> Long story short; the proposal is to ship with a default 
> lmtp_downcase_rcpt of 1.

Sound OK for me.

When chaning upper/lowercases we always have to consider character sets.
For the user part it's no problem because here only basic characters are 
but what about a mailbox like:  user at BÜCHER.CH   ?

How is this represented in the store ?
Via the same IDN mapping as for the dns servers ?
If yes, then we don't have a problem,
but otherwise this will potentially cause problems in the future.


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