cyrus 2.3.16 ssl/tls and no deleting message on Samsung galaxy

Dave McMurtrie dave64 at
Wed Dec 28 09:13:45 EST 2011

On 12/28/2011 09:00 AM, Josef Karliak wrote:
> Hi there,
> it maybe some error or bug somewhere - we use Samsung galaxy S2, android
> 2.3.3. I've set it up as a imap client. When I delete a message, it
> disapears from the phone email list. After "renewing" mail box the
> deleted message is in the new messages again.

I'm going to guess that your phone is only locally deleting the messages 
and failing to propagate that deletion to the server.  Check your server 
logs to see if the user is actually connecting and logging in to the 
server when the delete occurs on the phone.  You may also enable 
telemetry logging [1] for this user to verify that the deleted flag is 
being set and an expunge command is being sent.

>I n the imapd.conf file
> I've delete mode "immediate":
> expunge_mode: immediate
> delete_mode: immediate

These don't have any effect on what the client will perceive with regard 
to deleting folders and expunging messages.  When a client deletes a 
folder, it will always see that folder as having been deleted.  If you 
have delete_mode set to delayed, the server will rename the folder to 
the DELETED hierarchy when a client deletes it instead of actually 
removing it.  The client will think it's deleted either way.  When you 
have expunge_mode set to delayed, the server will just mark the file as 
having been expunged but leave the actual file on disk.

> Cyrus service is restarted after change. So what I missed ?

Check your logs and enable telemetry logging for the user that's having 
this issue.  You should be able to see what's going on then.




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