Compiling and libdb

Marc Patermann hans.moser at
Wed Dec 21 06:16:58 EST 2011


steffo76 at schrieb (21.12.2011 10:07 Uhr):

> I have a problem that someone might have a solution for. I have two
> servers running cyrus imap 2.3.14 which is built against libdb-4.2. I
> would like to upgrade them to 2.4.12.
> As the indexes need to be upgraded I would like to test this
> beforehand so I restored the mail to a test machine and ran
> cyrus-imap 2.4.12. Unfortunately I got "IOERROR: opening index
> System I/O error" for each and every mailbox. I was hoping
> that this might be to the fact that on this machine the imapd was
> built against libdb-4.7 which is the version installed on the system
> but the index files where created by an imapd using libdb-4.2.
> Permissions on the files and directories are correct.
Are your sure this is about the index files?
Can you access the mailboxes.db? The other problem might be the 
seenstate and subscription dbs.

I think are is information in the archive of this list about migrating 
away from bdb to e.g. skiplist (with cvt_cyrusdb), that might help you.


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