mailbox referrals in 2.4.12

Andrew Morgan morgan at
Thu Dec 15 13:22:32 EST 2011

On Thu, 15 Dec 2011, Wolfgang Breyha wrote:

> Andrew Morgan wrote, on 14.12.2011 19:38:
>> In that case, I should keep the original behavior in cmd_list.  Here is an
>> updated patch that still honors disable_referrals when setting
>> supports_referrals.
> Your patch still removes the disable_referrals from section 2819ff.
> And I still suggest using suppress_capabilites instead of waking the zombi...
> patch attached.

I prefer to keep the original imapd.conf option for disabling mailbox 
referrals.  I think suppress_capabilities was intended to hide 
capabilities, not alter Cyrus' behavior in this way.

Also, removing the original config option will break installations that 
are upgrading.  I know that is kinda awkward here anyways because this 
config option hasn't worked right in Cyrus 2.4 from the beginning though.


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