Problem setting up murder

Daniel Mueller dan at
Tue Aug 16 08:49:16 EDT 2011


I tried to stage cyrus imap with two backends (replication) and one
frontend with the mupdate master on the frontend for testing.

So far, i can add an user without problem, he is visible on the
frontend, as well as on the backend, but when i try to change the acl
(sam), i can see that i can execute the command, it connects to the
default backend and logs in, but at this point, cyradm requests a
password repeatedly and nothing else happens.

On the frontend, i don't have output.

On the backend, i see:
Aug 16 14:45:50 host imap[27638]: executed
Aug 16 14:45:52 host imap[25867]: login: localhost [::1]
postmaster at DIGEST-MD5 User logged in

but that's all.

Does anyone have a hint, please? Many thanks and best regards

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