No exire on subsolders

Heinrich Peters Heinrich-Peters at
Thu Aug 4 04:22:21 EDT 2011


I am using Cyrus Imap on Debian (2.2.13-19+squeeze1). I have configured my spam-folder to expire messages automatically after 31 days. If I add a subfolder to my junk-folder, the messages expire after 31 days, too.

How can I stop this behavior? This is the info output for both folders:
localhost.localdomain> info Junk
  expire: 31
  lastupdate:  4-Aug-2011 04:20:41 +0200
  partition: default
  size: 941565
localhost.localdomain> info Junk.Training
  lastupdate:  4-Aug-2011 04:01:00 +0200
  partition: default
  size: 15635

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