IOERROR: zero index/expunge record

Marc Muehlfeld Marc.Muehlfeld at
Thu Aug 4 03:51:07 EDT 2011

Hi Bron,

thanks for the long explanation, even if I don't understand everything. :-)

It sounds like there is no way to fix this by a configuration parameter or 
migrating a database or so. And if the only way is to patch the current 
version or compile a new one, then I think the new one is the better idea.

Can I keep the cyrus-sasl packages from my distribution and just replace the 
imapd with the latest version?

This are the cyrus packages I currently have installed

When I upgrade to 2.4.10, are there any migrations I have to do (like 
databases)? Or can I just compile and update the daemon and utils and start 
cyrus again?


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