allowallsubscribe in murder environment

Frank Elsner Frank.Elsner at TU-Berlin.DE
Mon Aug 1 04:34:25 EDT 2011

Hi folks,

in our murder environment we want to allow users to subscribe to mailboxes 
which are not residing on the server where the users´s mailbox resides. says  

| Subscriptions - If users want subscribe to a mailbox other than on their 
| backend home server, they won't be able to, unless you set 
| "allowallsubscribe: t" in the backend imapd.confs. This essentially lets any 
| string be subscribed to successfully.

Is it really  "allowallsubscribe: t"?

>From the imap.conf example "allowallsubscribe: 0" I took it as numeric
but "allowallsubscribe: 1" doesn't work as expected.

What have I missed? Any pointer welcome.

Kind regards, 
Frank Elsner

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