Mailbox quota after reconstruct

Marc Patermann hans.moser at
Mon Apr 18 07:44:03 EDT 2011


Eero Hänninen schrieb am 18.04.2011 12:35 Uhr:

> Whatever reason I have move mailboxes between mailbox hosts without murder
> setup, so I do:
What Version of Cyrus is this?

> * create destination mailbox over imap port
> * set destination acl over imap port
> * set destination mailbox quota over imap port
> * copy from source host to destination host mailbox content (with cyrus.*
> files) with scp
Why don't you copy over the mail via IMAP too? (imapsync etc.)

> * do reconstruct -rf on destination host for mailbox
> After that everything fine but quota. Quota shows 0% usage and new mails
> only will increase use of mailbox quota. So I run quota -f and everything
> went ok. So my question is this normal and I must run quota -f such kind
> messages move or should reconstruct/cyr_expire take care about it ?
I think the quota reflects only IMAP changes on the mailbox and not 
those low level actions. As you need recontruct to tell cyrus there have 
been low level changes of the mailbox structure, you need to tell cyrus 
by quota -f that mail volume changes have happend on the mailbox.


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