Mailbox quota after reconstruct

"Eero Hänninen" fax at
Mon Apr 18 06:35:54 EDT 2011


Whatever reason I have move mailboxes between mailbox hosts without murder
setup, so I do:
* create destination mailbox over imap port
* set destination acl over imap port
* set destination mailbox quota over imap port
* copy from source host to destination host mailbox content (with cyrus.*
files) with scp
* do reconstruct -rf on destination host for mailbox

After that everything fine but quota. Quota shows 0% usage and new mails
only will increase use of mailbox quota. So I run quota -f and everything
went ok. So my question is this normal and I must run quota -f such kind
messages move or should reconstruct/cyr_expire take care about it ?

Best Regards,

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