rosenberger at rosenberger at
Fri Apr 8 12:17:37 EDT 2011


 i start writing a cyradm web frontend in php.
 the old one php-cyradm was from the 2000 year and does not work on 
 newer php version.

 But back to the question
 I read out the acl from a mailbox
 man cyradm
 l = Look
 r = Read
 s = Seen
 w = Write
 i = Insert
 p = Post
 k = Create
 x = Delete
 t = Delete Message
 e = Expunge
 c = ????
 d = ????
 a = admin

 in the cyrus Documentation the acl
 c = The user may create new sub-mailboxes of the mailbox, or delete or 
 rename the current mailbox
 d = The user may store the "Deleted" flag, and perform expunges.

 know is t and d the same ?
 and c is  k ?

 i'm confused


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