Deliver to mailbox problem with v2.4.7

Dan White dwhite at
Thu Apr 7 17:06:00 EDT 2011

On 07/04/11 22:30 +0100, John wrote:
>Good afternoon,
>I have just upgraded from Cyrus-IMAP 2.3.15 to 2.4.7 and my mailbox
>delivery has stopped working.
>My procmail delivers mail using a command similar to the below :
>/usr/cyrus/bin/deliver -a john -m folder/subfolder john < message
>This would result in message being dropped into john/folder/subfolder
>Since the upgrade everything is delivered to john/INBOX; the "-m"
>argument appears to have no effect.
>Is there something with this upgrade that I need to be aware of, that I
>am now doing wrong?

'deliver' should deliver to the user's INBOX if it believes there's a
permissions problem, or if it believes the mailbox doesn't exist. Does
syslog give you any hints?

What does your configuration look like? How are 'unixhierarchysep' and
'altnamespace' configured? 

To trouble shoot, try setting an 'anyone p' acl on your subfolder, or try
one of:

/usr/cyrus/bin/deliver -a john -m folder.subfolder john < message
/usr/cyrus/bin/deliver -a john -m INBOX/folder/subfolder john < message

Dan White

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