Incoming e-mail during mailbox relocation from one partition or backed to another

Torsten Schlabach TSchlabach at
Thu Sep 30 05:44:29 EDT 2010


> On Wed, 29 Sep 2010, Dmitry Ivanov wrote:
> > Is it safe to relocate mailboxes from one partition or backend (in 
> > case of murder) to another while listening to lmtp or lmtp proxy? Is 
> > there a chance that relocation can fail or e-mail messages can be 
> > lost?
> Yes, you can move mailboxes live.
> Anyone currently connected to the mailbox via IMAP will see the mailbox 
> contents disappear until they reconnect.

That's about user's connected to the mailbox being moved.

But what actually happens to an incoming LMTP delivery?

Will the mailbox be "blocked" and LMTP answer with a "try again later" while the move is going on? 

Otherwise the question would be to what location an incoming email through lmtp will be delivered while the move is going on: To the old backend, with the risk of the mail staying there and not being copied over or to the new location, with the risk of any inconsistencies?

I think the only clean way would be an "LMTP try again later" solution. But I never checked if this is what lmtpproxyd does.


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