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Adam Tauno Williams schrieb am 21.09.2010 12:04 Uhr:
> On Tue, 2010-09-21 at 11:44 +0200, Marc Patermann wrote:
>> André Schild schrieb am 21.09.2010 10:40 Uhr:
>>> Am 21.09.2010 09:31, schrieb Pascal Gienger:

>>>> I begin to be tired from this "dovecot is much more besser, you
>>>>  HAVE TO USE IT", why don't you migrate, ... ...?
>> Yes, I'm too. But this is what you see in forums and mailing list.
>> And my post is intended to see what the Cyrus community can do to
>> /explain/ the product any better.
> "Be there" is the only thing I can think of.  The only way to counter
>  advocates is to be one.
Yes, "Be there" - but "Be prepared" and have something to point to: "See
it is easy and all there, dude!"

>>> One important thing is the documentation of the imap server, and
>>>  there cyrus could offer more.... (Just my opinion)
>> The new web site is a good start. We should start a best practice
>> section in the wiki. - How do I install Cyrus on Debian/Ubuntu/...?
> Ugh, please no.  Distro specific directions are lame, pointless, and 
> unmaintainable [beyond possibly packages-are-here].
Yes, you're right. But in many cases it just point to somewhere else,
which might be better than having nothing.
For Ubuntu there is a howto: and
what do you get? 2.2.13 - uargh:
That may not be, what we want.

> Once the packages are installed setting up is essentially the same
> everywhere.
Yes. But "install" is always first. If you do not get the user to get it
installed, everything else is useless.

If you were a newbie and most people were trying to talk you away from
Cyrus and there is no deb or rpm, would you try to compile the software 

>> - From single server to multi server? - How to start with
>> partitions and why? - Where to get latest releases (rpm/deb) when
>> is not in my distriburtion (simon matter etc.)? - Everyone is
>> talking about "Push-Mail" - how to do it with Cyrus?
> It just happens if you your client supports IMAP idle.
_I_ know that. :)
It is just one example what I think user could search for. And "Push 
mail" IMHO was one of the email buzz words of the last few years.

> K9 on the Android seems to work very well with Cyrus in the 'push'
> mode.  Although I've noticed users usually turn it off within a
> couple of weeks - really, nobody wants push-mail once they have it.
I disagree.

>> - What if I want "Groupware" later, can I still use Cyrus? (link to
>> projects supporting Cyrus, OX etc)
> Shameless self promotion -I have a chapter on Cyrus in WMOGAG 
> (OpenGroupware Administrator's Guide) 
> <> 
> I've gotten quite a few compliments on it.
You could put your "Shameless self promotion" in the wiki then. :)


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