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Tue Sep 21 05:44:45 EDT 2010


André Schild schrieb am 21.09.2010 10:40 Uhr:
> Am 21.09.2010 09:31, schrieb Pascal Gienger:

>> I begin to be tired from this "dovecot is much more besser, you 
>> HAVE TO USE IT", why don't you migrate, ... ...?
Yes, I'm too. But this is what you see in forums and mailing list. And
my post is intended to see what the Cyrus community can do to /explain/ 
the product any better.

> 2. Newbies, which do not know cyrus, they just ask for advice and a 
> simple starter experience with the imap server. In the last month 
> there has been much posts of type "Dovecot is the 
> greates/simples/best/etc. " So the new users are very likely to go to
>  dovecot instead of cyrus, because of "advices" from other internet 
> users.
This is my experience, too.

> One important thing is the documentation of the imap server, and 
> there cyrus could offer more.... (Just my opinion)
The new web site is a good start.
We should start a best practice section in the wiki.
- How do I install Cyrus on Debian/Ubuntu/...?
- From single server to multi server?
- How to start with partitions and why?
- Where to get latest releases (rpm/deb) when is not in my
   distriburtion (simon matter etc.)?
- Everyone is talking about "Push-Mail" - how to do it with Cyrus?
- What if I want "Groupware" later, can I still use Cyrus?
   (link to projects supporting Cyrus, OX etc)
- I want to have virtual users in LDAP/RDBMS - how to do it?
There may be much more basic task which may be well know to us but would 
be interesting to newbies to know.

IMHO the "What is Cyrus?" page should be worked over. Why do we not talk 
about who is using Cyrus IMAPd and how - "Success Stories" (

Just my 2 Cent


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