André Schild andre at
Tue Sep 21 04:40:17 EDT 2010

Am 21.09.2010 09:31, schrieb Pascal Gienger:
> I begin to be tired from this "dovecot is much more besser, you HAVE TO USE IT", why don't you migrate, ... ...?

I think we have two different cases to consider:

1. Experienced users, running a cyrus installation for several months/years.
     Here I see no "danger" that they switch over to another imap 
project, unless
     that project provides better "overall experience" for the them.
     Running cyrus since ~8 years now, we don't intend to switch to 
another project.

2. Newbies, which do not know cyrus, they just ask for advice and a 
simple starter
     experience with the imap server.
     In the last month there has been much posts of type "Dovecot is the 
greates/simples/best/etc. "
     So the new users are very likely to go to dovecot instead of cyrus, 
because of "advices"
     from other internet users.

So I think we should take care, that cyrus is not loosing new users, 
because the
userbase will shrink over the years, compared to dovecot.

One important thing is the documentation of the imap server,
and there cyrus could offer more.... (Just my opinion)

Also the SASL stuff is not first-user friendly (But very powerfull when 
So helping new users in this area would probably also help for getting 
cyrus "recommendations" for new users.


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