Using SQL database to store mailboxes. deliverdb and etc ...

Adam Tauno Williams awilliam at
Fri Sep 17 06:33:14 EDT 2010

On Thu, 2010-09-16 at 22:00 -0300, Lucas Zinato Carraro wrote:
> I find in source of installer:   doc\man\imapd.conf.5.html
> Some parameters :
> --------------------------------------------------
> sql_database: <none>
> Name of the database which contains the cyrusdb table(s).
> sql_engine: <none>
> Name of the SQL engine to use.
> Allowed values: mysql, pgsql, sqlite
> sql_hostnames: <empty string>
> Comma separated list of SQL servers (in host[:port] format).
> sql_passwd: <none>
> Password to use for authentication to the SQL server.
> sql_user: <none>
> Username to use for authentication to the SQL server.
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
> - Its possible to convert a exist installation to use SQL ?

I have no idea.

> ( How ? How can i create the necessary tables and import from a
> skiplist database ? )
> - Its is compatible with Aggregation ( Murder ) ?
> - I can share the same database with frontends, backends and mupdate ?
> ( if not :
>    I can share the same database with frontends , another with backends and
>    another with mupdate ?  )

I *believe* SQL is just another database type; I don't think it replaces
the message store.

See in cyrus-imapd/lib there are:
cyrusdb_berkeley.c     c

The SQL database should autocreate the required table(s).  But the
tables are a simple (dbkey BINARY, data BINARY).

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