Replication sync-server and Delayed Delete

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Thu Sep 16 04:40:00 EDT 2010

Hi there,
        So is the side effect of deleted folders ending up on the default 
partition when delayed delete is switched on on a replicant machine a 
known issue for sync_server? A knock on effect of this seems to be that 
cyr_expire on the replicant doesn't find these DELETED folders when it 
runs to do a purge.

Could you suggest a safe alternative to cyr_expire in order to purge 
these misplace deleted folders?


Gavin Gray

On Wed, 15 Sep 2010, Bron Gondwana wrote:

> On Wed, Sep 15, 2010 at 12:29:18PM +0100, Gavin Gray wrote:
>> Hi there,
>> We have a cyrus murder using replication and we have a few questions
>> about the behaviour we are seeing on our system.
>> 1. cyr_expire on the master doesn't cause any replication to happen.
>> Is that 'correct'? In other words if we want to delete folders from
>> the DELETED heirarchy on the replicant then we need to also run
>> cyr_expire on the replicant?
> Yeah, pretty much.
>> 2. We're also a little unclear about replication vis a vis the
>> delayed expunge and the unexpunge facility. Could you explain what
>> ought to happen in terms of replication when email is expunged and
>> then possibly unexpunged if anything?
> It's a bit messy.  Unexpunge is a sin against IMAP by the way, and
> has been replaced with "generate new UID and promote" in 2.4.  In
> which case it's just like a new append wit the same flags, and
> replicates like an append :)
> 2.3 replication ignores expunges - it's as if they don't exist!  When
> the mailbox syncs, it nukes the records that aren't "alive" on the
> master from the replica.  If you re-inject them with unexpunge, it
> should find them and sync_combine_commit() the result.  I don't know
> if unexpunge inserts replication events though - somewhat doubt it.
>> 3. We are seeing a strange anomaly on the replication of deleting a folder.
>>    e.g a user deletes a folder
>>        the folder goes into the DELETED heirarchy of the partition
>> the user's mailbox is on
>>        the folder is also deleted from the replicant as we would expect
>>        however the folder on the replicant goes into the DELETED
>> heirarchy on a different partition(the default     partition as
>> specified in cyrus.conf). Is this normal?
> Replication and partitions is broken in some ways in 2.3.  It should
> be better in 2.4 I believe, though I haven't tested it.  I'm going to
> be releasing an alpha super-soon (it's been pushed to
> now!)
> Bron.

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