sync-server without deletes?

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Quoting Derek Chen-Becker <dbecker at>:

> We've been running sync replication between two servers for a few months
> now and everything has been working well. Recently, management has come
> down and asked if it's possible to have the sync only perform additions
> and to ignore deletions. The idea is that they would like our backup
> server (or possibly a third box) contain an archive of all mail ever
> delivered to our users (we would manage expiration manually). From what
> I can tell, this most likely isn't possible with the current
> sync-server, so I wanted to confirm that hunch and if I'm correct, see
> what other people are doing for this kind of thing.

IHMO the syncserver uses the options expunge_mode and delete_mode in  
imapd.conf. So if you don't run cyr_expire mails should stay on the

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> Derek

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