Importing/moving an older cyrus message tree into a new system, without IMAP

Gavin McCullagh gavin.mccullagh at
Tue Sep 14 03:25:31 EDT 2010


On Mon, 13 Sep 2010, Forrest Aldrich wrote:

> I have an older system that crashed - cyrus version is a couple years or
> so old.  I have 1000's of messages in the spool that I need to preserve.
> My question is about whether there's a way to import that huge tree of
> messages into a new cyrus installation without imap-to-imap connectivity?

We did a migration some months back from an old Kolab v1 (cyrus v2.1)
system to a new Kolab v2.2 (cyrus v2.2) system.

This was done by writing a script to

 - dump the ldap database (you might not have this) and load it on the new
 - rsync the mailboxes from their location on the old server to the
   correct location on the new server
 - recursively reconstruct those mailboxes
 - copy the .seen and .sub information to the correct new location
 - copy the quota information to the correct new location
 - dump the old mailboxes.db and load it on the new system (with cyrus

It's not trivial, but it can be done with some care.  We also had to
translate usernames from <user> to <user>@<domain> in various places to
match the new kolab setup but you probably won't have to worry about that.  


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