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Mark Cave-Ayland mark.cave-ayland at
Mon Sep 13 04:09:53 EDT 2010

Dave McMurtrie wrote:

> We're very interested in growing the Cyrus project and attracting new 
> volunteers to contribute to the project, and that desire is at the core 
> of why this migration is taking place.  The biggest change is that we're 
> trying to separate the environment from Carnegie Mellon University 
> infrastructure as much as possible.  Previously, contributions of any 
> kind would end up requiring us to create a CMU computer account for a 
> willing volunteer.  We can now simply create local shell accounts as 
> required.  Almost the entire website has been created using MediaWiki 
> software, so anyone who is willing to register for an account may update 
> the website content.

Wow - this looks really good :)

The main criticism I have from a developer point of view is, well, CVS. 
Enough said. Please please can we have an official git mirror? It makes 
maintaining out-of-tree patches so much easier in the long run, and 
therefore much more likely that we can pass the patches back upstream.

(On a separate note, if I go to Downloads -> Getting Started and click 
on the "AnonymousCVS" wiki link then I get redirected back to the front 
page rather than to a page giving information on how to access CVS)



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