Database fragility

Daniel O'Connor doconnor at
Fri Sep 10 03:22:17 EDT 2010

I recently had some crashes on my home cyrus server and found I had to delete the log files for the DB's by hand :(

I tried db-recover-4.6 and ctl_cyrusdb -r, however they both failed with pretty unhelpful error messages.

I didn't lose any data but it is annoying to have to baby the system after a crash.

Does anyone have any recommendations for how I can avoid having to do it? :)

The server is running FreeBSD 8.0 on amd64 with Cyrus v2.3.16. The mail store is on ZFS if it matters.

I am just using the default database types, ie..
[midget 16:52] ~ >grep _db /usr/local/etc/imapd.conf
#annotation_db: skiplist
#duplicate_db: berkeley-nosync
#mboxlist_db: skiplist
#ptscache_db: berkeley
#seenstate_db: skiplist
#statuscache_db: berkeley-nosync
#subscription_db: flat
#tlscache_db: berkeley-nosync


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