A beginner question about Murder

Shuvam Misra shuvam.misra at merceworld.com
Thu Sep 9 13:28:25 EDT 2010

> >What internal
> >details prevent a front-end server, mupdate server, and back-end
> >server
> >from coexisting on the same physical system? Is it that there's no
> >facility in the back-end server feature to make it listen only on
> >localhost:imap and not on *:imap?
> No. Mostly it's a format difference between backend and frontends/
> murder master. The unified configuration solves many of those
> problems. "All in one" is not a "murder" btw, and Cyrus does a
> single stand alone IMAP server just fine.

This means that there's no (easy) way to compile the murder master to
keep its config and meta-data files in a different directory from the one
used by the back-end cyrus IMAP daemon, I guess. Am I right?


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