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Quoting Shuvam Misra <shuvam.misra at merceworld.com>:

>> On Wed, Sep 08, 2010 at 01:41:26PM -0700, Andrew Morgan wrote:
>> > Unfortunately, I've never setup a "unified" Murder, so I don't fully
>> > understand what the advantages and disadvantages of it compared to a
>> > "traditional" Murder.  Maybe someone else can jump in here with their
>> > experiences.
>> And while they're at it, they could hopefully give an opinion on whether
>> there's any point keeping "traditional" Murder from a technical standpoint,
>> i.e. if it would hurt to make all Murder "unified" and if people choose
>> to lay out their servers in the traditional manner it would still just work.
> I for one, a newbie to Cyrus, would vote for a design which allows
> all-in-one servers, and allows separation if needed. Basically,
> "localhost" should always be a valid network destination for all types of
> network communication based systems.
> Why is this a problem with current Cyrus Murder setups? What internal
> details prevent a front-end server, mupdate server, and back-end server
> from coexisting on the same physical system? Is it that there's no
> facility in the back-end server feature to make it listen only on
> localhost:imap and not on *:imap? If that's the only problem, I am sure
> it'll be a simple patch to fix. But I guess the problem is bigger than
> this.

In the  "traditional" Murder it is possible to run two or more Cyrus
instances on one host, but you must use additional IP-Addresses to
separate frontend, backend and mupdate server.

In the unified setup you don't need the additional IPs, but there
are some known bugs in the unified murder.


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