A beginner question about Murder

Shuvam Misra shuvam.misra at merceworld.com
Thu Sep 9 02:22:34 EDT 2010

Dear Andrew,

> In a "traditional" Cyrus Murder (not a "unified" Murder), there are
> 3 roles:
> 1. backends - these store email
> 2. frontends - these proxy incoming connections to the correct backend
> 3. mupdate master - maintains the list of mailboxes in the Murder
> There can only be 1 mupdate master process.  I'm not positive if you
> can run it on a backend or frontend server, or if it must be running
> on a separate server.

Thanks a lot -- this block alone was very helpful for a newbie like me.
Sets my terminology right and gives me a clear picture of the building

> When a new mailbox is created on a backend, the backend first checks
> the mupdate master to make sure the mailbox name is not already in
> use.  Then it reserves the name, creates the mailbox, and registers
> the mailbox with the mupdate master.

Does this mean that all cyradm-type admin connections must connect to one
or other of the back-end servers? Can I get admin tasks done by
connecting to one of the front-end servers too?


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