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Clement Hermann (nodens) nodens2099 at gmail.com
Wed Sep 8 19:13:08 EDT 2010

Le 08/09/2010 23:17, Jeroen van Meeuwen (Kolab Systems) a écrit :
> Andrew Morgan wrote:
>> In a "traditional" Cyrus Murder (not a "unified" Murder), there are 3
>> roles:
>> 1. backends - these store email
>> 2. frontends - these proxy incoming connections to the correct backend
>> 3. mupdate master - maintains the list of mailboxes in the Murder
>> There can only be 1 mupdate master process.  I'm not positive if you can
>> run it on a backend or frontend server, or if it must be running on a
>> separate server.
> In my test setup (internal Wiki document attached licensed CC-BY-SA), which to
> date is still a work in progress, it appeared to me;
> - In a tradition Murder setup the master update server cannot be combined with
> a backend or frontend server.
> - For autocreate/autosieve (patches for which Cyrus is not upstream but they
> are shipped with Fedora and Red Hat Enterprise Linux packages), the frontend
> servers must be disabled for local direct delivery through the lmtp proxy, and
> instead relay through the backend server's MTA for autocreate to create the
> mailbox on a backend server (and not a frontend server which would then loop
> back to itself). The same goes for autocreate on login, which would cause the
> frontend to create a mailbox on the local default partition rather then on one
> of the backends in the Murder.

In traditional murder (no autocreate/autosieve patch), the murder 
process can run on a frontend. However, it cannot run on a backend.

We have a webmail running on our murder (2.2.x) server, and it uses 
localhost as imap server, so it acts as a frontend.

However, we don't use autocreate or autosieve, so I couldn't says if it 
is the same on a patched setup.


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