lmtp crashing

Duncan Gibb dg at duncangibb.com
Wed Sep 8 12:42:57 EDT 2010

On 08/09/10 10:43, Michael Plate wrote:

MP> after upgrading some parts of our server (Gentoo Linux), cyrus 2.3.14 is
MP> crashing with lmtp deliver *only* on Shared Folders.

Is it a 32-bit system?  If so, you may be hitting a known problem caused 
by a parameter size disagreement wrt quota_t (which is a long long, ie 
64 bits) vs long (which is only 32 bits on Linux/x86).  The compiler 
doesn't catch this since verify_user() is called via a function pointer.

The attached patch should fix it, or you can of course upgrade to a more 
recent version.

MP> I tried to attach the debugger, but missing some knowledge how to
MP> continue (I'am able using a debugger, but what to do when attached ?).

Probably not very useful unless you've switched the lmtpd binary for an 
unstripped (and preferably non-optimised) one.  The symptom of the above 
bug is parameters getting trashed as the come off the stack when 
process_recipient() calls verify_user().



Duncan Gibb
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