lmtp crashing

Michael Plate plate at bibliothek.uni-kassel.de
Wed Sep 8 05:43:00 EDT 2010


after upgrading some parts of our server (Gentoo Linux), cyrus 2.3.14 is 
crashing with lmtp deliver *only* on Shared Folders.
Using lmtptest, the server dies when

RCPT TO: <+any-shared-folder-mail-address>

by closing the connection. dmesg tells:

lmtpd[5838]: segfault at 000016ce eip 0808f1a1 esp bfe0f730 error 4

Can this be a problem with db ? Most stuff is on anything else:

annotation_db: skiplist
seenstate_db:  flat
duplicate_db: skiplist
mboxlist_db: skiplist
quota_db: quotalegacy

but there was an update on Berkely DB, this
ctl_cyrusdb[22455]: DBERROR: archive /var/imap/db: cyrusdb error
seems to be no problem.

I tried to attach the debugger, but missing some knowledge how to 
continue (I'am able using a debugger, but what to do when attached ?).



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