Basic question about Cyrus replication

Shuvam Misra shuvam.misra at
Mon Sep 6 23:26:18 EDT 2010

Hi all,

Can you please give me some inputs about how Cyrus replication works?
I've read the one page that comes with v2.3, and we've been using Cyrus
(without replication) for a long time now.

When I set up a master and a replica server, does the replica server
listen on the IMAP port too, and can it handle IMAP queries while it is
receiving sync logs for rolling replication?

Basically, my question come from the DBMS background. When we set up a
master and slave RDB and do near-real-time replication using log
shipping, then the slave operates in recovery mode, not online mode. So,
clients can't query the slave during this time. Is it the same with the
Cyrus replica server?


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