Anyone using ptloader with AFS?

Dave McMurtrie dave64 at
Mon Oct 25 08:57:51 EDT 2010

On 10/20/2010 10:51 AM, Dave McMurtrie wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm curious to learn whether anyone is using ptloader with AFS.
> We're using it here, but our build environment is somewhat...
> interesting.  I'd be mildly surprised if anyone is actually able to
> compile and link ptclient/afskrb.c from the provided Cyrus source tarballs.
> In the not-so-distant future, I'd like to take a stab at cleaning up
> some of the autoconf bits of Cyrus and the AFS checks look like a ripe
> target for cleanup.  Before I go off and break things for some number of
> people, I'd like to get a rough guess as to how many people are even
> using AFS.
> Even better, if you are using AFS/ptloader, does it actually build for
> you without any modifications?

Nobody answered this, so I'm going to assume that nobody else is using 
it.  I consider this to be a good thing, because it means there's less 
of a chance that my changes will break what other people are doing and I 
already know my changes work for us.

At any rate, I created a dev/dave64 git branch that contains the changes 
I made.  I encourage you to test it if you're interested.

You'll need to specify --enable-afs and --enable-krb5afspts.  If it 
doesn't just find your AFS libraries and headers, you can use 
--with-afs-libdir and --with-afs-incdir.


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