cyrus squat + change runtime

Michael D. Sofka sofkam at
Wed Oct 20 10:01:59 EDT 2010

Bron Gondwana wrote:
>        This section lists processes that should be run at specific intervals, similar  to  cron  jobs.
>        This section is typically used to perform scheduled cleanup/maintenance.
>        cmd=<no default>
>             The command (with options) to spawn as a child process.  This string argument is required.
>        period=0
>             The  interval  (in  minutes) at which to run the command.  This integer value is optional,
>             but SHOULD be a positive integer > 10.
>        at=<hhmm>
>             The time (24-hour format) at which to run the command each day.  If set to  a  valid  time
>             (0000-2359), period is automatically set to 1440.  This string argument is optional.

I'll use this opportunity to make a feature request.  What I would like 
for squatter is to start it at=0200, but have it suspend=0800.  That is, 
start the run at 2 A.M., but if it is still running at 8 A.M. suspend 
itself until the next start time.


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