Problem with Cyrus 2.4.0 when subscribe to folders in other backends

Bron Gondwana brong at
Thu Oct 14 08:34:55 EDT 2010

On Thu, Oct 14, 2010 at 12:43:39PM +0200, Sebastian Hagedorn wrote:
> --On 13. Oktober 2010 17:50:55 -0400 Bron Gondwana
> <brong at> wrote:
> >On Wed, Oct 13, 2010 at 05:27:32PM -0300, Lucas Zinato Carraro wrote:
> >>With Thunderbird 3.1.3  i can  subscribe only in folders located in
> >>Backend1
> >>
> >>where  my account "lucas.carraro" exist.
> >>The other folder in backend2 are not avaiable for me:
> >
> >Actually, you're subscribing fine - we're just not showing them.  Oops.
> >
> >I know exactly which change fixed this - it's an obviously over-eager
> >patch that I applied for FastMail because users were complaining about
> >non-existant mailboxes appearing in their list view - things that were
> >subscribed ages ago, and appearing despite not being real.
> just so I get that straight: does that affect all instances of
> subscriptions to non-existent mailboxes? If so that should
> definitely be made an option only. I agree that we have more users
> complain about deleted folders still showing up in the GUI of their
> client than there are people who actually use that as a feature, but
> as long as section 6.3.6 of RFC 3501 reads like the following, we
> just have to live with that:

It doesn't remove them, it just doesn't show them in LSUB.  And
that's the issue here - the backend isn't showing them in the LSUB
response any more.
>      A server MAY validate the mailbox argument to SUBSCRIBE to verify
>      that it exists.  However, it MUST NOT unilaterally remove an
>      existing mailbox name from the subscription list even if a mailbox
>      by that name no longer exists.

This is an option.

>           Note: This requirement is because a server site can
>           choose to routinely remove a mailbox with a well-known
>           name (e.g., "system-alerts") after its contents expire,
>           with the intention of recreating it when new contents
>           are appropriate.

And we never do this :)

So we're complient - we just aren't displaying subscriptions for
non-existent folders.


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