Cyrus IMAPd 2.4.0 Released

Simon Matter simon.matter at
Wed Oct 13 12:44:44 EDT 2010

> Simon Matter wrote:
>> > On Tue, Oct 12, 2010 at 02:23:18PM -0700, David Lang wrote:
>> >> I'm happy to see this.
>> >>
>> >> Is there anyone packaging this up for the common linux distros?
>> >>
>> >> David Lang
>> >
>> > We're planning to reach out to the distributions and convince them
>> > to package it - as well as integrating any patches they're applying
>> > that are still worthwhile.  We want everyone to be running the same
>> > codebase as much as possible.
>> Of course I'll update our RHEL/CentOS RPMs but it may take a bit more
>> time
>> than the usual hours or days because of the many changes in the new
>> release. Some of the stuff which has been done in the RPM automagically
>> -
>> like converting databases on startup - has now been integrated in the
>> main
>> code and I have to look at things in detail.
> Hey Simon,
> you've always done a great job on the RPMs, thank you!
>> While we are at it, I have your 0012-Clean-Shutdown.patch in the RPM,
>> from
>> what I see in the changelogs this has not been integrated with 2.4,
>> right?
> Is this patch listed in bugzilla somewhere? I seem unable to digg it up.
> If it's not yet in Bugzilla, would you please add it? This ensures that at
> least someone like me (volunteers please step up! :P) looks at it.

It's somewhere in Bron's git tree and used at FastMail IIRC, so I hoped it
will somehow go into 2.4 :)

Bron, if you are reading this, is there a good reason to not include the

>> The other thing I'm wondering now is how to go on with the autocreate
>> feature. I'm not sure I'll be able to recreate the patches for 2.4 and I
>> don't know if the nice people from University of Athens will be going to
>> do it. Hm, I won't be happy to release a new RPM with this feature
>> missing.
> We are in contact with the dear people at to discuss how to
> proceed.

IIRC autocreate is on the official todo list, isn't it? That would solve
it forever.


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