Cyrus IMAPd 2.4.0 Released

Andy Fiddaman cyrus at
Wed Oct 13 05:04:45 EDT 2010

On Tue, 12 Oct 2010, Frank Pittel wrote:
; > >
; > > Any chance of getting a package for solaris 10? I've been trying to build 2.3.16 for over
; > > a week and still haven't gotten it to compile.
; >
; > I really don't know much about Solaris 10 packaging.  I do have a Solaris
; > box though... I should give it a go.  Do they usually get compiled with
; > gcc, or with the Sun compiler?
; If I can talk you into it I'd be happy with a tar ball and instructions on how/where to
; install the files. Let me know if you can get it to compile let me know what your
; configure options were and what the dependencies are and I'll compile it and put it into
; a package.

I run Cyrus on Solaris 10, SPARC and x86, no (real) problems.

I compile everything 64-bit so there are a couple of tweaks to find the
right libraries and I've separately packaged and installed Berkeley DB in
/opt/bdb, and SASL in /opt/CYRsasl2. If you want some packages let me know
and I'll make them available. I haven't tried 2.4.0 yet although I plan to
sometime in the next month, at least in our staging environment. Some of
the changes look pretty significant and I'm wary of any 64-bit alignment
problems that might be lurking there that will show up on SPARC.

Here's my configure script, should it help.

CC='gcc -m64' export CC
CFLAGS="-m64 -g -fPIC" \
LDFLAGS="-static-libgcc -L/usr/sfw/lib/64 -R/usr/sfw/lib/64" \
./configure \
        --prefix=/opt/cyrus \
        --with-cyrus-prefix=/opt/cyrus \
        --sysconfdir=/opt/cyrus/etc \
        --with-openssl=/usr/sfw \
        --with-sasl=/opt/CYRsasl2 \
        --with-bdb=/opt/bdb \
        --with-bdb-incdir=/opt/bdb/include \
        --with-bdb-libdir=/opt/bdb/lib \
        --enable-replication \
        --enable-murder \
        --enable-idled \
        --with-perl=/opt/perl/bin/perl \
        --disable-gssapi \

# Prevent attempted pod2man
cp $f $f~
sed '
        s/man et /et /
        s/man com_err\/et/com_err\/et/
' < $f~ > $f

# Fix 64-bit library paths.
find . -name Makefile | while read f; do
        cp $f $f~
        sed < $f~ > $f '
                /\/usr\/sfw\/lib /s/sfw\/lib/&\/64/g

exit 0


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