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Michael D. Sofka sofkam at
Mon Oct 11 15:00:31 EDT 2010

Bron Gondwana wrote:
> On Sat, Oct 09, 2010 at 08:23:15AM -0400, Michael D. Sofka wrote:
>> Great.  One final question on this topic.
>> I currently have a warm-backup server (2.2.12) that I rsync to each
>> night. As mailboxes are moved to the new 2.3.16 server the rsynced
>> index files would be the wrong version.
>> I can either rsync just the mail messages to the warm backup, and
>> then reconstruct the index files. Or, I can take a slight detour,
>> and upgrade the warm backup server to 2.3.16.
>> From what you say, I should be able to continue to rsync from the
>> current 2.2.12 server to an upgraded backup server.  If the backup
>> should be needed, Cyrus will upgrade the index files.  Is that
>> right?
> Yes - I would recommend upgrading the backup servers to 2.3.16, since
> then you will be able to use the index files without a reconstruct.
> The files from the 2.2.12 server will be upgraded on first use.  Of
> course, then you can't copy them BACK to the original server again.
> Any reason why you don't just upgrade them all to 2.3.16?

That is the goal.  But, this particular server is being retired from 
imap service once the replication server is in place.  And, it's old 
enough that upgrading it could prove to be a significant detour.

> If it has space for backups, it has space for replication (assuming you're
> using the replication as the backup) - replication is pretty much a smart
> rsync with automated triggering based on changes.

The new back-end server has about 4 times the space.  So, while I can 
continue to use the rsync server during the Cyrus upgrade, it will run 
out of space---possibly as soon as January a the current rate of growth.

OTOH, upgrading cyrus on the rsync server would allow me to test 
replications earlier, and during the upgrade....

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