IMAP not seeing old mail present on filesystem

Patrick Goetz pgoetz at
Mon Oct 4 11:28:05 EDT 2010

On 10/04/2010 10:17 AM, Chris Pepper wrote:
> On 10/4/10 10:23 AM, Patrick Goetz wrote:
>> I wasn't clear about whether the old install was completely gone or
>> could still be booted. If you can still start cyrus on the old server,
>> you could try imapsync to transfer mail to the new one.
> Old system is not bootable, unfortunately.
> FYI: I have 943 directories & 298,409 mail files, so manually fixing
> things isn't feasible.

This seems like a long shot, but could you temporarily set up another 
machine with the old version of CentOS, copy /var/lib/cyrus and 
/var/spool/cyrus to this machine as is from the old server, and then run 

The other option is as Bron suggested, using some kind of IMAP function 
to append "lost" messages to the spool.  I'm pretty that this will 
result in all the metadata being lost (i.e. replied to and forwarded 
flags, etc.)  (And moreover, I don't know to do this, so can't advise.)

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