IMAP not seeing old mail present on filesystem

André Schild andre at
Mon Oct 4 11:26:20 EDT 2010

  I wasn't clear about whether the old install was completely gone or
>> could still be booted.  If you can still start cyrus on the old server,
>> you could try imapsync to transfer mail to the new one.
> 	Old system is not bootable, unfortunately.
> 	FYI: I have 943 directories&  298,409 mail files, so manually fixing things isn't feasible.
> 	Thanks for all the suggestions!
Are the location of the "old" mails correct for the new system ?
Means: When you deliver a new mail, does it appear in the same folder as 
the old ones ?

Another thing: Did you make sure the reconstruct runs under the correct 
user account ? (Probably cyrus)
and the file owner/groups are correct for the new system ? (Not root)


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