Incorrect quota usage after XFER between servers

Simon Amor simon.amor at
Fri Oct 1 10:24:58 EDT 2010


We run a traditional murder with Cyrus 2.3.12p2 - 2 frontend, 2  
backend, and a mupdate server.

Whenever we migrate mailboxes all the mailboxes for the domain are  
moved at the same time, and there's a high chance that the quota usage  
will get messed up and mailboxes will have more than 100% of their  
quota used. Running the quota -f command will fix the usage on the new  
server but why is it going wrong in the first place?

The migration is performed using some Perl similar to the following:

$imapAdmin = Cyrus::IMAP::Admin->new( 'mailstore1' );
$imapAdmin->authenticate( User => "adminuser", Password =>  
"adminpassword" );
$result = $imapAdmin->xfer( 'user/username at', 'mailstore2' );

Luckily we don't have to migrate mailboxes very often, but it's  
annoying when we do as we have to disable the  
lmtp_over_quota_perm_failure option in imapd.conf otherwise we'll end  
up bouncing mail between the migration and quota repair finishing.

In the changelog for 2.3 
  I can see that 2.3.14 says
# Fixed incorrect quota calculations on sync_server when replicating  
unexpunged messages (thanks David Carter)

Is this fix likely to apply to mailboxes moved between servers with  
the XFER command as well? If so, I'll see if we can get 2.3.16  



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