/var/spool/imap/sycn. files

Michael D. Sofka sofkam at rpi.edu
Tue Nov 30 15:26:51 EST 2010

I have noticed a growing number of directories under 
/var/spool/imap/sync. on the sync server.  Most are empty, but a few 
have files.  Some of the files have 2 or more hard links, so they are 
linked elsewhere on the partition.

This appears to be a work space for the sync server.  Can I safely clear 
out the old directories?

Michael D. Sofka               sofkam at rpi.edu
C&MT Sr. Systems Programmer,   Email, TeX, Epistemology
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY.  http://www.rpi.edu/~sofkam/

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