How to best offer NNTP access to a mailing list archive?

Mikhail T. mi+cyrus at
Mon Nov 29 13:48:36 EST 2010


There is a handful of mailing lists, of which I'm collecting all 
postings for posterity.

I'd like to make these archives available via NNTP (instead of the 
HTML-ized archives,
that they are now). Currently the archives are simply a Berkeley mbox 
each and not under Cyrus...

What is the best approach for converting them over? The special 
addresses, to which new postings currently arrive to me, are: 
pisar+/mailing list name/

I'd like the news-groups to appear as "Arxiv./mailing list name/". 
Access will be read-only and protected against address-harvesting bots 
by a simple username/password -- so I don't need to enable anonymous 
access and can tie the ACL to this particular username.

How do I create the pisar-hierarchy, and what ACL should I set (just 
"lr")? Do I have to use lmtp2nntp, or will Cyrus' own deliver be able 
to, uhm, deliver to these archive(s)? What would be the settings for 
imapd.conf? How do I ensure, the archive-entries never "expire"?

Thanks! Yours,


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