disable IMAP IDLE

Dan White dwhite at olp.net
Tue Nov 23 12:41:59 EST 2010

On 23/11/10 10:01 -0500, Ron Vachiyer wrote:
>I won't argue since clearly I am in the minority ;)  Using courier-imap on
>our Plesk servers, TCP/143 is closed after every new mail verification.  A
>dovecot server I checked does the same.  Cyrus seems to allow the session
>to be maintained, and yes, it does not advertise IDLE.

I have doubts that either of those IMAP servers would close the connection
out from underneath a client, without the client issuing a logout, closing
the TCP connection, or with the server hitting a 30 minute timeout.

More than likely, something else is happening that is unrelated to IDLE,
like a bug in the client (not sending a logout) or in the server, or with a
firewall complicating things.

How are you determining that the connections are staying open. Do you see
them in netstat?

Can you set up telemetry logging, or do a pcap trace to see what's going

Dan White

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