disable IMAP IDLE

Ian Eiloart iane at sussex.ac.uk
Tue Nov 23 10:21:07 EST 2010

--On 23 November 2010 10:01:58 -0500 Ron Vachiyer <proutfoo at hotmail.com> 

>> I thought sessions remained open for efficiency, regardless of IDLE,
>> until  closed by the client or 30 minutes have elapsed.
>> IDLE just lets the server notify the client if new email arrives,
>> doesn't  it?
>> Even without IDLE, there are benefits in leaving the session open.	   		
> Hello,
> I won't argue since clearly I am in the minority ;)  Using courier-imap
> on our Plesk servers, TCP/143 is closed after every new mail
> verification.  A dovecot server I checked does the same.  Cyrus seems to
> allow the session to be maintained, and yes, it does not advertise IDLE.

Then they're doing something other than IMAP4rev1, which is requires 
servers to keep a session open for 30 minutes of inactivity.


Of course, if the client logs out, then the TCP session should be 

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