Does anyone allow unlimited or extremely large quotas?

Sébastien Michel sebastien.michel at
Tue Nov 23 04:09:43 EST 2010

> tarball. Just sending a mail in LMTP and opening the mailbox several times
> > (SELECT/CLOSE only)
> > A binary diff indicated that Generation Number is incremented but nothing
> > else.
> > Oh yeah - expunge on close.  God, that's awful.  2.4.x will fix that.
> > Switching filehandles to read-only won't help, because the standard
> > says to expunge on close!
> I expect that cyrus.index and cyrus.cache don't change if the client does
nothing in the IMAP session, even after a SELECT.
The same test in an empty mailbox has the same result, Generation Number is
incremented too.

> If you actually WANT read-only, the command is called 'EXAMINE' by
> > the way.  It's like SELECT, but actually supposed to be read-only.
Thanks a lot, but I know IMAP :-)
I can't do anything on the client side. For mailboxes that don't change and
don't have any \Deleted flag I would like to change on the server side any

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