sieve not filing messages? (update)

Mike Eggleston mikeegg1 at
Mon Nov 22 14:55:52 EST 2010


I'm still working on a sieve issue reported by a user. It seems the
issue happens when the vacation rule is enabled. I have the users using
SmartSieve rather than trying to teach them how to create rules using

I copied the user's sieve rule list (long, I'll not post here) and tried
one of the messages and received a message I've not seen before from
the smart sieve tester.

The user insists on having lots of rules that file messages into multiple
hundreds of folders. When the vacation rule is enabled the incoming
messages are not filed. When the vacation rule isn't there (disabled),
the incoming messages get filed as the user wants.

I'm using the sieve tester at

The error I get is:

Envelope body of 'to'? Envelope body of 'from'? filing message into 'INBOX.backup'
	with flags '\seen'

The first few rules are (not wrapped):

#Mail filter rules for $USER1
#Generated by $USER1 using SmartSieve 1.0.0-RC2 2010/11/22 13:40:37
require ["regex","imapflags","fileinto","vacation"];

if allof (header :regex "subject" ".*") {
	addflag "\\Seen";
	fileinto "INBOX.backup";

removeflag "\\Seen";
if anyof (header :contains "subject" "NOTICE: mail delivery status", header :contains "subject" "/usr/bin/fetchmail", header :contains "subject" "Postmaster notify: see transcript for details", header :contains "subject" "Warning: could not send message for past 4 hours", header :contains "subject" "Returned mail: see transcript for details") {
	addflag "\\Deleted";
	addflag "\\Seen";
	fileinto "INBOX.spam";

elsif anyof (header :contains "subject" "*** SPAM ***", header :contains "subject" "*** VIRUS") {
	addflag "\\Seen";
	addflag "\\Deleted";
	fileinto "INBOX.spam";

elsif allof (address :contains ["to","cc"] "$USER1@$") {
	vacation :days 7 :addresses ["$USER1@$"] text:

I am out of the office on holiday and will have limited access to email.
I will return Monday, November 29th. 

If you have a general sales question, please send an email to $GROUP@$

If you have a technical support question, please send an email to



elsif allof (address :contains "from" "$USER2@$") {
	fileinto "INBOX.Co-workers.$USER2";

elsif allof (address :contains "from" "$USER3@$") {
	fileinto "INBOX.Co-workers.$USER3";

<and on and on>

Does anyone see anything?


$ rpm -qa | grep cyrus

$ cat /etc/redhat-release
Fedora Core release 5 (Bordeaux)

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