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Mon Nov 22 09:35:11 EST 2010

Now that you mention it... we had something similar a couple of weeks ago. The number of bad logins cumulated to a couple of thousands within a few hours. The users didn't get an error from thunderbird. The protocol also was pop3s. I am not quite sure which thunderbird version it was.


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> Betreff: badlogins pop3 thunderbird 3.1.6

> hello all,
> we have strange behavior of our cyrus 2.3.16 on pop3 and pop3s protocol 
> with thunderbird 3.1.6. User does connect to a mailbox correctly, the 
> first login is successful. After 5 min, when the user reconnects to a 
> mailbox it comes to a 'badlogin' and then the client attempts to login 
> every 1-3 seconds producing 'badlogins'.
> Has anybody else the same behaviour? I think its a bug of thunderbird, 
> but who knows.
> regards,
> Eugen Bier
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