Does anyone allow unlimited or extremely large quotas?

Sébastien Michel sebastien.michel at
Mon Nov 22 09:36:07 EST 2010

> > You have got to be kidding me.  Unless there's actually something which
> > requires the files to be rewritten (i.e. an expunge event) then this
> > should not happen.  Again, Cyrus 2.4.x will be much more efficient in
> > this regard, only rewriting if you have explicitly enable immediate
> > expunge rather than "default" expunge.
It is a 2.3.16. Tu be sure I have tested again with a fresh downloaded
tarball. Just sending a mail in LMTP and opening the mailbox several times
A binary diff indicated that Generation Number is incremented but nothing

> >> With a 6GB's mailbox that contains almost 100.000 emails. cyrus.index is
> >> about 8MB and cyrus.cache is about 120MB
> >> - on SELECT nfsstat shows 300 NFS READ => 9600KB on-the-wire NFS READ.
> OK it
> >> is less that the size of cyrus.index and cyrus.cache
> >> - on CLOSE nfsstat shows 4105 NFS READ and 4144 NFS WRITE => 2x130MB
> >> on-the-wire NFS.
> >>
> >> In such situation mmap doesn't help because everything is read and
> write. I
> >> hope this behaviour can be optimized.
> > So don't use NFS.
NFS is not a problem here. I have flushed the buffered cache to see what's
happen. Most of the time files are cached by the kernel.

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