Does anyone allow unlimited or extremely large quotas?

Pascal Gienger pascal.gienger at
Wed Nov 17 00:55:06 EST 2010

Am 16.11.10 19:08, schrieb Wesley Craig:
> On 16 Nov 2010, at 10:32, Joseph Brennan wrote:
>> I wish we'd somehow financed a native Cyrus webmail interface, that is
>> not using IMAP but built into Cyrus.  I don't think users know how good
>> Cyrus is because they look at it through a weak intermediary.
> I don't think a Cyrus-specific web interface is the answer to that question.  IMP performance is not great, but it's the http paradigm that slows it.  Check out roundcube, utilizing AJAX it's way more responsive to the user.

We started using SOGo here. It just loads a reasonable number of mail 
items for the index view and continues to load when you scroll down (or 
up) to get more.

As for the FS, we still use Sun aaah Oracle ZFS. Mailboxes with 500,000 
messages (postfix mailing list :-)  ) are just as SELECTable as empty 
mailboxes - no difference in speed or access time when retrieving 
messages from there.

The smell of Oracle still gets bitter and bitter compared to Sun, but 
especially this cookie (zfs) still tastes too well.

SOGo is slower (as it has another paradigma as Horde/IMP or Squirrel) 
but our users seems not to have a problem with it.

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