sieve not filing messages?

Dan White dwhite at
Tue Nov 16 14:42:00 EST 2010

On 16/11/10 10:33 -0600, Mike Eggleston wrote:
>I have a user saying that email messages are not being filed as desired. I have copied the user's script into Sieve Test <> and the user's sieve rules. Sieve Test says the message should go to where is expected, but the message isn't in the cyrus message store.
>The time stamps have changed in the folder where the message should be, so I can't tell if the message was there and deleted or never filed there.
>The log entries of that day when the message was received from another internal user has an odd entry:
>Nov  9 10:31:51 elo master[10189]: about to exec /usr/lib/cyrus-imapd/lmtpd
>Nov  9 10:31:51 elo lmtpunix[10189]: executed
>Nov  9 10:33:07 elo sendmail[10210]: oA9GX7ER010210: from=<$user1@$>, size=975, class=0, nrcpts=1, msgid=<005a01cb802b$ca410940$5ec31bc0$@com>, proto=ESMTP, daemon=MTA, relay=ANAKIN.$ []
>Nov  9 10:33:07 elo lmtpunix[10189]: accepted connection
>Nov  9 10:33:07 elo lmtpunix[10189]: lmtp connection preauth'd as postman
>Nov  9 10:33:07 elo lmtpunix[10189]: duplicate_check: <005a01cb802b$ca410940$5ec31bc0$@com>    user.$user2.backup  0
>Nov  9 10:33:07 elo lmtpunix[10189]: seen_db: user $user2 opened /var/lib/imap/user/u/$user2.seen
>Nov  9 10:33:08 elo lmtpunix[10189]: duplicate_mark: <005a01cb802b$ca410940$5ec31bc0$@com>    user.$user2.backup  1289320387 852209
>Nov  9 10:33:08 elo lmtpunix[10189]: duplicate_check:  ^A| }^\Ö7Ã^W^_JÍ&cXC                         $user2              1289839869
>Nov  9 10:33:08 elo lmtpunix[10189]: duplicate_mark: <005a01cb802b$ca410940$5ec31bc0$@com>    .$user2+ at .sieve.    1289320388 0
>Nov  9 10:33:08 elo sendmail[10212]: oA9GX7ER010210: to=<$user2@$>, delay=00:00:01, xdelay=00:00:01, mailer=cyrusv2, pri=120975, relay=localhost, dsn=2.0.0, stat=Sent
>Nov  9 10:34:08 elo master[5702]: process 10189 exited, status 0
>The entry about the duplicate_check has some really wierd characters. Is this normal?

Seems like there should be a:

   dupelim: eliminated duplicate message to...

or a

   Delivered: ...

line in your syslog. Maybe you have an invalidly formatted message that
sieve is throwing away, or may have triggered a bug.

The logs you have might indicate 8-bit headers in the email, which
shouldn't be valid, although Cyrus should work with them in some
circumstances.  See imapd.conf(5) for options munge8bit and reject8bit.

Dan White

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