Does anyone allow unlimited or extremely large quotas?

David Lang david.lang at
Tue Nov 16 14:31:31 EST 2010

On Tue, 16 Nov 2010, Ciprian wrote:

> Adam Tauno Williams wrote:
>> I think the issue you will encounter first is clients will start to fall
>> down when folders exceed a 'reasonable' number of messages.  Common IMAP
>> clients I've seen start to exhibit severe performance issues beyond a
>> few hundred thousand messages.
> Older versions of Outlook (e.g. Office 2003) will choke well before that
> (I think the limit was around 35.000 on XP SP2 ) also couple that with
> the local Outlook file store for that IMAP account which used to be
> limited to 2G. We generally advice our users to avoid going past 20.000
> messages in one folder.

the nice thing is that this is per-folder, and generally shows up as a slowdown 
as you get large, so the user can just create a subfolder and move messages in 
to it to work around the client issues.

This should mostly be self-regulating as a result.

David Lang

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