problematic upgrade 2.3.16 -> 2.4.3

Paul Dekkers paul.dekkers at
Wed Nov 10 15:38:34 EST 2010

Hi Bron,

Thanks for your reply:

On 10-11-2010 21:27, Bron Gondwana wrote:

>> (Can I downgrade? I just need to reconstruct everything, right, because
>> the index format changed? :-S)
> Yes, you will need to reconstruct anything which successfully upgraded.

Ok, there's no way of telling what folders got succesfully upgraded, 
right? I only see messages "Index upgrade failed: user.paul", indicating 
the ones that failed :-S

(A selective reconstruct would be faster.)

> This issue got reported last night, and I wrote a patch but haven't

So, just the reconstruct problem, or more of my symptoms? (I've looked 
at the devel archive and the info-cyrus, but did not see anything 
similar, or from last night anyway ;-) so I have no idea what issue 

> yet tested it.  I can give it to you in about 2-3 hours if you'll still
> be around then!

Hmm, 3 hours will be quite late here, but if you can help me understand 
if the patch would solve "all" my symptoms, it might be worth it.

But I have the feeling its not just reconstruct (as even after 
succesfull reconstructs I still get errors, and I didn't expect this 
many errors initially anyway).


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